Myofunctional Therapy Treatments

Treatment of  Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders will vary by individual, but in the end it comes down to airway and function.  When the airway is narrowed by genetics or bad habits, like mouth breathing, the mouth and body’s function becomes maladapted and the tongue rests at the bottom of the mouth.  “Low tongue posture” has many deleterious effects on the facial and oral structures resulting in a long narrow face that has crooked teeth, snoring, a tongue thrust swallow, poor speech and, by adulthood, TMJ pain. Additional factors  are assessed at your initial appointment to see why the tongue is resting low in your mouth, including tongue and lip ties, narrow jaws, remaining habits from thumb and pacifier sucking, grinding and clenching behaviors and body posture.

Treatment is divided into three phases. The first phase includes proper tongue and lip rest posture, neuromuscular  repatterining, coordination and rebalancing of the oral and facial muscles.  The second phase builds on the newly acquired habits and swallowing is incorporated  with how to handle different textures of increasing difficulty. Phase three  uses the new skills to be incorporated into daily living.


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