Online Telemedicine

For a convenient and easy way to get a consultation and care, Nebraska Myo offers online telehealth options using the latest technology. Telemedicine can be done on several platforms, including FaceTime, Facebook, Skype, and Zoom. The initial full consultation takes two hours, a tongue-tie only initial exam takes an hour and each therapy appointment is 30 minutes in length. For online booking click on this link

You will be able to actively participate in your child’s appointments and printable measuring tools are accessible on this page. We offer a variety of myofunctional treatment plans, all of which are tailored specifically to your unique needs. The result is a comprehensive treatment approach focused on returning true functionality to the orofacial complex and eliminating dysfunctional breathing patterns and habits. The results our patients have experienced have been life-changing.

Therapy supplies:
Folder for emailed exercise sheets
Large zip-lock bag to hold items A mirror that stands alone 1” cloth or paper tape (1-2 rolls) Saline nasal spray ITEMS USED IN PHASE ONE 2 different sized straws
Bread tab
Sticky notes with TOS (tongue on spot) or LC (lips closed) written on them
Paper plate
3/4″ inch button with 18″ of floss tied through it
Empty milk carton with handle OR empty water bottle and glass marbles/floral beads
1-2 Tongue depressor blade 2-3 Craft sticks or popsicle sticks Pencil
M & M’s
Goldfish crackers
25 pennies
ITEMS USED IN PHASE TWO Spray bottle (not a hair spray bottle, but one that has a trigger handle and
squirts a stream)
5-6 Stir stick straws
Skittles applesauce or similar texture (smoothie, cool whip) pudding/yogurt nut butter or hummus Crackers