Lip Tie

Signs of being lip tied:

  • Gap between front teeth from too much gum tissue where teeth should be.
  • Problems closing and keeping lips together
  • Possessing a smile that turns their lips inside their mouth
  • Smiling that “gummy smile”  that make the lip rise high above the teeth

Class 1: Attached at the free gingiva (moveable part inside lips)

Class 2: Attached at the junction of the free and attached gingiva

Class 3: Attached in front of the teeth (anterior papilla)

Class 4: Attached at the front (anterior papilla) and into the back (incisive papilla) of teeth

How is tongue or lip tie fixed?

If tongue and /or lip tie is found during your examination, a referral will be made to the appropriate health care provider for a release. Most people get along very well with this short, in-office surgery. Daily exercises are prescribed following a frenectomy to keep the scar tissue from binding the tongue back down. The formation of scar tissue can be just as debilitating as the tongue tie. Exercising should be started no later than 3 days after surgery.